Why we can help you to make your digital business take off and grow...

Digital in the core

Our heart beats for digital. We have an appropriate toolset, including a ‘Dimensions of Digital’ model for digital transformation, a digital check-up procedure and more.

Concepts are not enough

It is important to us that digital initiatives and models are actually implemented. Hence, we have both advisory and implementation experience.

Methods & tools

We know which methods and tools to use depending on the context, such as Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas, User Centered Design, Lean Enterprise Architecture Management, Digital Innovation Board, Dimensions of Digital and Scrum.


We have the ability to communicate with all organisational levels: with management as well as with the business, marketing and IT.


Closer to the end-customer: We focus on 100% Customer-centricity.

General contractor

We can perform the role of the ‘general contractor’ for digital projects and when required, can organise additional experts from our network (see also 'Network').

Fast results

We rely on a lean method and rapid results in order to quickly gather experience from a first, 'Minimum Viable Product' (MVP).


We are independent, therefore not bound to specific products or manufacturers.


We have an established network with partner companies from which we can always recommend specialists for deep dives into individual subjects.