What currently drives companies

There are some hot topics, which are currently high on the agenda of companies. Some introducing words regarding these focus topics:


The Blockchain is an extremely promising technology. It has the potential to change almost every industry. Don and Alex Tapscott, authors of 'Blockchain Revolution', compare the Blockchain with the internet: 'This technology represents nothing less than the second generation of the Internet' (http://ti.me/2tF6FUY).

However, many companies are looking for useful and possible applications for this technology. We know the Blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. We help you to identify a viable and sustainable business model around the technology and guide you through your Blockchain journey, from Token Sale/ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to implementation. We can also guide you through the implementation and help you to choose the right implementation partners.


Many companies are unsure how to cope with the opportunities and challenges of the digital transformation. Often, they need external support to get address the digital journey with a structured approach or to bring their digital projects back on track.

We can help you with this journey. Our passion is to guide companies through the digital shift, drive their innovation and leverage new technologies as well as customer-centricity.

We make digital strategies, identify digital opportunities and initiate transformations. And we guide you in planning, managing and implementing digital initiatives, ventures and start-ups.




Discuss your topics with us, whether you have questions regarding your digital project, the Blockchain or another topic that drives you. We can meet via Skype, Hangout, phone or in person in Zurich. This service is free of charge. Please have also a look at the #AskAboutDigital website.