Results within days or weeks

Our objective is to make a quick start possible, whether you have an idea for a new digital / blockchain initiative or you are right in the middle of one and it is now recommended to obtain external support.

We, therefore, offer several starter packages for our customers. Usually, together with you, we conduct a few interviews, have two or three workshops and produce results within days or weeks (not months or years).

During this 'booster' phase, you will also have the opportunity to see how we work and whether we could play the role of an external partner, accelerator and/or coach for your project or programme. We always make recommendations for the next steps and do not leave you alone with your challenges in the following phases.



Find out how digital or the blockchain have an impact on your existing business model and identify possibilities to transform your business. Opportunities & threats


A 'jump start' for your digital/blockchain idea or venture; check incl. first feasibility criteria according to the Business Model Canvas and the Digital Innovation Board approach


Digital EAM ‘light’ workshop based on Lean & Agile EAM with a focus on your most important challenges and areas of concern requiring action; recommendations for next steps


Quick check following the Dimensions of Digital. What is your current situation and in which areas are your greatest opportunities


Check of your transformation project or -program. Elaboration of the first fields of action, quick wins, and recommendations


Do you think customer-centric enough? Analysis of your customer's touch points, journey and elaboration of possible optimisations


Together with you, we run a quick check of your Blockchain idea (and concept respectively) and make recommendations for the next steps and successful implementation into your business model

Other starter packages

The above-mentioned modules are just examples. In practice, there are lots of methods we use in our 'booster' phases. Usually, we put an individual package together, based on your initial situation and requirements.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss other starting points regarding digital innovation, customer and/or user experience, transformation and/or digital enterprise architecture.

Example: Digital innovation

The following example provides a short insight into an underlying procedure. In this example, we assume that you already have first ideas for a new digital business model, a product or service ('innovation'), but you are unsure how to get started.

Digital Innovation Board - Overview

We could handle this request with an approach that is based on the Digital Innovation Board ( In an iterative way, we pass through the following modules: Explore, Create and Evaluate. It is possible that we will jump from one module to another, based on the initial conditions and findings we generate within this phase - the sequence of the modules is not set in stone.

We discover the challenges and the pain points of your users and/or customers. At the end of the day, there is a specific formulation of a concrete question to address pain points, starting with the words "How might we..."

In an offbeat way, we create solutions for the specific question, which also address the pain points of the users. The solutions are prioritised and the outcome is a comprehensible value proposition of the preferred solution.

Together with you and in close collaboration with your users/customers, we challenge the created solution, adapt it to new findings and make it usable in practice. We can nail down the value proposition and identify the risks of the solution.

Based on initial conditions, it could be possible that we directly start with the 'create' or 'evaluate' module and jump back to the 'explore' module. Once we have successfully completed all modules, we are in a position to generate a viable Business Model for your product (service) with a higher probability of success.

The next step would be to realise a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to generate valuable findings in practice and with live data. We don't leave you on your own and can guide you through this phase.