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As digital/blockchain coaches, we provide the methods and tools for digital transformation or blockchain initiative. We guide your journey and make sure that your initiatives will be successful and actually put into practice.

Do you have a clear view regarding Digital Transformation?
Do you really truly understand what digital transformation means for your company?

To capture the true dimensions of an iceberg, one has to proceed with a deep dive into the cold water below the surface. Similar to this iceberg, technology and digital marketing are just the tip of the whole story- and not enough to address complete digital transformation.

We use following tools and methods, amongst others







Example: Dimensions of Digital

To give you an idea about our approach, below are a few words about one central element of our set of methods and tools.

The Dimensions of Digital

Based on our experience, we carefully developed a model which contains the most relevant areas of digital transformation. The core of the model consists of the six ‘Dimensions of Digital’, as illustrated below:

Dimensions of Digital

Dimensions of Digital

Strategy & leadership
Does your company have the right strategy and the right leadership approach for competing in digital environments?

Organisation, culture & skills
Does your organisational structure enable digital innovation and transformation? What about the company culture? Are the right people and skills available?

Do your corporate processes catalyse or impede digital innovation and transformation? To what extent are your processes digitised?

Technology & architecture
Where do you use ‘digital’ technologies? Are the available technologies flexible and agile enough to make digital possible and enable digital operations?

Customer & user experience
Do you care and know enough about your customers and their needs to be successful in regard to digital? To what extent are customers and users involved in optimising your business?

Products & services
Do you have the right products and services in place? Are your products and services digitized enough? What are the digital strengths and weaknesses regarding your product and service portfolio?

You can take the Dimensions of Digital blueprint as a basis for considering your digital maturity and find answers to the question ‘Are you able to compete in digital environments?’ Furthermore, the application of this model lets you identify areas requiring urgent action to fuel your digital transformation roadmap. However, in practice, your particular context (your industry, your challenges, etc.) also matters.

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